smart and module – our technology

theVap applications

theVap provides a series of water separation processes with a multitude of applications each. In general, they can be used for the production of purified water or to concentrate solutions by stripping water. By combining thermal processes with polymer materials, we can go beyond several constraints of conventional membrane processes and thermal, but metal-based systems.

the highlights of our modular technology

  • implementation of several processes
  • concentrations close to saturation limits can be achieved
  • high thermal efficiencies due to multiple heat reuse
  • modular design
    excellent scalability
    very high flexibility for customization
  • completely polymer-based systems
    highly corrosion resistant
    resistance against aggressive cleaning agents
  • low temperatures processes
    low temperature heat supply sufficient (e.g. solar heat)
    processing of heat sensitive agents


chemical industry
food & beverage
oil & gas
wastewater treatment